Men Electric Mountain Bikes

Men Electric Mountain Bikes

by Matt Hammond on December 03, 2021 Categories: News

As the name implies, mountain bikes are a whole different type of bikes when compared to other types of electric bicycles. Some common traits of these bikes are that they come with bigger tires, heartier shocks and more durable components—for good reason too. You’ll need your mountain bike to hold together in even the toughest terrain. Let’s take a look at some models and best budget mountain bikes.


1. Shengmilo 1000W Electric bike

 The Shengmilo 1000W Electric Bike is light and strong, and the safe load of this bike is up to 180kg. Hydraulic disc brakes make your riding trip safe. The motor will assist you with a moderate amount of power as you pedal the bicycle. In this mode, you can drive 60-90km before you recharge.

It is also equipped with 26 inches/ 4.0 Fat Tire, which an adapt to snow, city road,the beach and mountain rides. The bike frame is made with anti-theft lock and waterproof mode, so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen. You can buy it, click here.


 2. Jinghma R3 Folding Mountain Bike


If you're looking for a lightweight e-bike with long lasting battery life, then the JINGHMA R3 is exactly for you. It is a multi-purpose lightweight electric bicycle that uses a high-strength aluminum alloy frame with battery built into the frame, which not only saves space, but also makes the bike's exterior design more attractive, while also ensuring safety and durability for you. This e-bike already comes with switches, lights, horns, indicator lights and speed buttons. Even if you haven't ridden an electric bike before, you can learn all the functions quickly. TheR3 is foldable and portable. Whether you want to ride a bicycle across the mountain, or to watch a game, or you're commuting to work, you can avoid traffic jams and reach your destination quickly and easily. Buy it here.


 3. Smlro Folding Electric Mountain

 If you happen to be the mountain enthusiast looking for speed, stability and safety then this easy to pack, lightweight and aggressive e-bike is for you. The whole body, pedals, handlebars, saddle tube and double shock absorption are all carbon steel making it unbelievably lightweight. It has mechanical front and rear disc brakes and 21-speed professional transmission for you to get a strong grip on the road and still have a smooth ride.

The 26 inch wheels have anti-slip resistant thick tires which are great for gravel, trails and roads and they help make hill climbing easier. It has three modes, normal bike, full electric and assisted normal bike. You can pick from a 48V 13Ah or 20Ah lithium-ion battery and a 100W or 500W brushless motor that can go up to 45km/h for around 15-30 miles.

For more information regarding this bike, click here.


 4. Cannondale Trail SE 2 Bike

For those that want a little extra punch with their mountain bike, look no further than the robust Trail SE 2. Its progressive frame design blends the latest trail-focused geometry with dropped seatstays for an elevated ride quality and a leaner, more sporty look. It also features an SRAM SX Eagle rear derailleur that will consistently deliver smooth shifting through all 12 gears in even the roughest, bumpiest conditions.


5. Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2 Bike

Another in-house REI product, the DRT 1.2 is a great beginner bike for the intermediate mountain biker. Its large tires and even larger suspension, will give you the confidence you need to really dive into the sport of mountain biking. Its Tektro hydraulic disc brakes consistently deliver reliable stopping power on- or off-road and in all-weather conditions.


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 As earlier stated, mountain bikes are characteristically rugged bikes that are built to navigate the toughest terrains, there are a lot of different manufacturers of mountain bikes currently which various different specifications and modifications. Being able to identify mountain bikes are to a buyers advantage, especially those looking to buy one. At ProGrade, we stack quality budget mountain bikes for  you without having to break the bank. As well as mountain bikes, we also have other classes of electric bicycles on sale.