Don't cut corners with a cheap oil filter

Don't cut corners with a cheap oil filter

by Matt Hammond on February 18, 2022 Categories: Blog

We’re in an era where most vehicle manufacturers recommend longer oil change intervals. The market is saturated with synthetic oils that are promoted as having extended life. And motorists, influenced by a tight budget and a hectic lifestyle, like the prospect of a longer period between oil changes at the Quick Lube.


For extended oil change intervals to be ideal, one important factor is the quality of product used. The oil filter needs to have the required capacity and efficiency to stand up against the impact of dirt, dust and engine contaminants over an extended period of time. As a motorist that wants to protect your engine, you should know that not all oil filters are equal and a cheap oil filter  will do more harm to your car at the end of the day.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a good oil filter.

Filter capacity, this means the filters ability to capture and hold all debris and dirt it is likely to encounter in its duration in your car. If an oil filter reaches its capacity before your next oil change it becomes clogged and allows dirty oil to pass to your engine which can lead to terrible results.

Another consideration is efficiency, it is a measure of how small a particle that the oil filter can catch. The smaller the dirt the higher the efficiency. The filter construction is also important in determining how the oil filter is able to withstand the demands of extended oil change period.


Fortunately, its not easy to know all this. You simply need to know that as the intervals between oil changes increases, it is all the more important to install a high quality filter like Prograde oil filter which performs up to the best OEM oil filter standards on all these criteria. Prograde can easily withstand the miles between extended oil change without clogging or damage.Compared to Purolator, a top brand, Prograde actually has higher efficiency and capacity. Make a safer choice of oil filter at your next oil change, make it Prograde.