"Power Up Your Big Block Chevy: The Moroso 21049 Oil Pan"

by Matt Hammond on January 07, 2023 Categories: Blog
When it comes to upgrading your big block Chevy, one essential component to consider is the oil pan. And for those who demand the best, the Moroso 21049 oil pan is the perfect choice. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at this high-performance oil pan and explore its features, benefits, and installation process.
The Moroso 21049 oil pan is specifically designed for big block Chevy engines, and is constructed from high-quality aluminum. One of its most notable features is the 7-quart capacity, which is significantly larger than most factory oil pans. This increase in capacity not only provides better oil control, but it also ensures that your engine stays lubricated during high-performance driving.
Another key feature of the Moroso 21049 oil pan is its windage tray. This specially designed tray sits between the crankshaft and the oil pan, and helps reduce wind resistance and increase horsepower. It also helps to keep oil from splashing onto the crankshaft, which can cause power-robbing friction.
The Moroso 21049 oil pan also includes a high-volume oil pump pickup, which helps to ensure that your engine receives a steady flow of oil. This is especially important during high-performance driving, as it helps to prevent oil starvation and engine damage. Additionally, the oil pan includes a magnetic drain plug, which helps to collect any metal particles that may be present in the oil.
When it comes to installation, the Moroso 21049 oil pan is a direct replacement for factory oil pans, and requires no modifications to the engine or transmission. However, it is important to note that the oil pan is designed for use with a wet sump oiling system, and is not compatible with dry sump systems.
In conclusion, the Moroso 21049 oil pan is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their big block Chevy engine. With its high-quality construction, increased capacity, windage tray, high-volume oil pump pickup, and magnetic drain plug, it is sure to provide better oil control and increased horsepower. So, power up your big block Chevy and install the Moroso 21049 oil pan today!.
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