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    Electric Bike Controller Kit for Ebikes & Electric Scooter with LCD Display Thumb Throttle

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    Voltage: 36V 48V

    Use: Mini scooter,electrice scooter,EBIKE

    Type: Controller

    Power: 350W/25

    Display: Yes

    Controller style: Brushless

    E bike controller kit 250W 350w 36V 48V DC Mode e scooter Brushless Motor Controller with electric bike LCD

    Product Details:

    1.Voltage:36V 48V

    2.Power: 250W-350W

    3.Low-Voltage Protection:



    4.Current Limite:



    This controller can work in hall sensor and also work in hall sensorless

    36V 48V 250W controller &24V 36V 48V 350W controller function

    1.motor line

    2.hall line

    3.display line

    4.self-learning line

    5.brake line

    6.light or horn line(yellow:+  black:-)

    7.PAS line

    8.battery line(red: battery +,  black: battery - )

    一、Line color show

    red:Instrument power cord

    blue:Controller power control line

    black:Instrument ground

    green:Instrument data receiving line

    yellow:Instrument data transmission line

    二、Function description:

    1.Display function

    Speed display, battery indicator, fault prompt, total mileage, single mileage

    2. Control and setting functions

    Power switch control, wheel diameter setting, idle auto sleep time setting, backlight brightness setting, startup

    Mode setting, driving mode setting, voltage level setting, controller current limit value setting, USB charging function.

    三、Total mileage ODO, single mileage TRIP, digital voltage display VOL, fault code ERR

    error code:

    0 Normal state

    1 Reserved

    2 Brake

    3 Assistance sensor malfunction (cycling sign, not implemented here)

    4 6KM / H cruise

    5 Real-time cruise

    6 Battery undervoltage

    7 Motor failure

    8 Turn handle failure

    9 Controller failure

    10 Communication reception failure

    11 Communication sending failure

    12 BMS communication failure

    13 Headlight failure

    四、Set up

    P01: brightness of backlight, level 1 is the darkest, level 3 is the brightest;

    P02: mileage unit, 0: KM; 1: MILE;

    P03: voltage level: 24V, 36V, 48V, default 36V;

    P04: Sleep time: 0, do not sleep; other numbers are sleep time, range: 1-60; unit minute;

    P05: Power-assisted gear: 0: 3 gear mode;

    P06: Wheel diameter: unit, inch; accuracy: 0.1;

    P07: Number of speed measuring magnets: range: 0-255;

    P08: Speed limit: range 0-100km / h, not open

    P09: Zero start, non-zero start setting, 0: zero start; 1: non-zero start;

    P10: Setting of driving mode 0: Assisted driving (determine how much assistance is output through the assisted position, at this time

    Turn handle is invalid).

    1: Electric drive (driven by the handle, the power-assistance gear is invalid at this time).

    2: Co-existence of boost drive and electric drive

    P11: Boost sensitivity setting is not enabled

    P12: Power-on startup intensity setting

    P13: Type setting of booster magnetic steel disc

    P14: Controller current limit value setting Default 12A Range: 1-20A

    P15: Undervoltage of the controller

    P16: ODO clear setting Press and hold the plus key for 5 seconds to clear ODO

    P17: 0: disable cruise, 1: enable cruise; auto cruise optional (only valid for protocol 2)

    P18: Display speed ratio adjustment Range: 50% ~ 150%,

    P19: 0 position enable bit, 0: including 0 position, 1: not including 0 position

    P20: 0: No. 2 protocol 1: 5S protocol 2: spare 3: spare

    五、Button and interface introduction:

    1. In the off state, long press the power button to turn on; after starting, short press the power button to switch the interface between ODO, TRIP, and VOL.

    2. In the power-on state, long press the power button to turn off, and short press the MODE button to switch the GEAR zone gear (1.low speed

    2.medium speed 3.high speed);

    Press and hold M and the power button to enter the mode setting interface, short press M to switch parameters.

    Display Setting:

    P03:Voltage setting

    P06: Wheel diameter

    P07: Number of speed magnets

    P99: One-key recovery function (in the P99 interface, press and hold M until the value is cleared)

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