FLOWMASTER Y214300 Scavenger Series Y-Collector 2.25in x 3in

FLOWMASTER Y214300 Scavenger Series Y-Collector 2.25in x 3in

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Description : Collector - Scavenger Series - Weld-On - 2 x 2-1/4 in Primary Tubes - 3 in Outlet - 17 in Long - Steel - Each


ManufacturerPart : Y214300

Category Level 1 : Exhaust

Category Level 2 : Exhaust Pipes, Systems and Components

Category Level 3 : Exhaust Y-Pipes

Length : 20.4 inches

Width : 9.9 inches

Height : 4.5 inches

Weight : 3.8 lbs

UPC : 700042012350

AirRestricted : NO

TruckFrtOnly : NO

The Scavenger Series incorporates two types of technologies. The Scavenger mufflers are a direct collector replacement that attach to the primary tubes of your header and help quiet the exhaust at high RPM's. The patented Scavenger collectors and cross-over pipes incorporate large D shaped ports to help scavenge the exhaust gases for a cleaner and more efficient burn in the combustion chambers. Please call the Flowmaster tech-line for assistance with specific decibel requirements and applications.

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