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    Electric Bike Conversion Kit - E Bike Wheel Hub Motor 36V 500W 48V 1500W 1000W 750W

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    Wattage: > 400w

    Voltage: 48V

    Motor Type: Brushless Gear Hub Motor

    Design: Brushless

    Certification: CE


    Our Advantages

    【2 Riding Ways】E-Bike Mode: You can ride the E-bike to enjoy a long-time travel. The wear resistant wheel with high grip is ideal for sand, lawn and other terrain. Pedal Assistance System: It allows you to ride without throttle response.

    【Complete Accessories】The E-bike conversion kit includes all necessary components for installation: motor wheel, controller, display, thumb/twist throttle, brake lever/sensor, PAS, controller box. Battery is NOT included.

    【2 times cross】Compared with one sigle cross, two times cross method increased force points. Spokes are not easy to break after long time use. Attention 20inch motor, 1000W and 1500W motor can't do 2 times cross.

    【Safety & Security】Built to the highest international standards CE and 100% testing before shipment. We offer a 12 months warranty on the motor.


    1.Is this motor wheel for rear screw freewheel or cassette freewheel?

    Ebike kit in this link is for rear screw freewheel.

    2.How to know the rim is suitable for my tire?

    Check the item description below, there has the information about rim.


    3.Does the kit include the battery?

    This kit doesn't include the battery.

    4.What is the type of the battery connector?


    5.How long is the warranty period?

    For controller and accessories, it is 3 months.

    Packing List

    1 PCS * Motor wheel

    1 PCS * KT Controller

    1 PCS * Display

    1 PCS * Throttle

    1 Pair * Brake lever OR 1 PCS * Brake sensor

    1 PCS * PAS, 8 magnet

    1 PCS * Controller Box

    10 pcs 20cm nylon zippers

    Gift: 1 pcs Front Light


    Different kits have different specifications of accessories.Specification information is in the main picture.

    For GearedFor GearedFor GearedFor Geared

    (1)Bent type, H Rate ,Under 110 2 hours, demagnetize below 5%,Max loading 30kg more than straght type.

    (2)0.35mm, Material 270,Higher Motor Efficiency

    (3)Hall sensor PCB plate,Avoid Hall Rosin Joint,Motor not easy get broken

    (4)C&U ,Better quality, motor more quiet

    For Gearless 1500W Motor

    (1)0.35mm, Material 270,Higher Motor Efficiency

    (2)C&U ,Better quality, motor more quiet


    6KM/H boost function

    Under-voltage indication function

    Assist ration gear switch


    6KM/H boost function

    Cruise function

    General Project Setting

    P and C Parameter Setting


    Colorful Display

    6KM/H boost function

    Cruise function

    General Project Setting

    P and C Parameter Setting

    A Light / Lamp for our KT controller ,it must be about 70 mA ( less than 100 mA )or the controller will be damaged.I suggest you do not use the front and rear lights at the same time.

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