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    Ebike Brushless Controller With Display 24V, 36V, 48V, 350W, 500W

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    Voltage: 24V 36V 48V

    Type: Controller

    Type: brushless

    Power: 350W 500W

    Electric Bike: Brushless Controller

    Display type: 124DX,S887,G51,S830,S5


    Motor style: Brushless
    Rated voltage: 24V 36V 48V
    Rated power:250W 350W 500W
    Current: 13A±1A(250W), 15A±1A(350W), 25A±1A(500W)
    Controller Size: 86mm*53mm*30mm(250W, 350W), 121mmx50mmx30mm(500W)
    Use for: Electrcic Tricycle, ebike, e-scooter, e-car, e-golf car etc.

    How to use self-study:

    When using the controller and the motor to work for the first time, should first use self-study wire.
    Step 1. Connect the motor wire, Hall wire, battery wire, and other function wires.
    Step 2, connect the self-study wire, the motor rotates forward, let it learn automatically for 10-20 seconds, disconnect the self-study wire, connect to other function wires, complete the self-study, and do not need to use it in the future.

    How to set the P07:

    1. if your motor hs speed sensor wire ( some are the white wiring in hall), the P07 set to 1.
    2. if your motor is without speed sensor wire ( hall is 5 wiring) , so you must know your motor magnet number and motor gear ratio.
    P07= magnet * gear ratio ( ex: magnet =20 , gear ratio= 1:4.5 , so P07 set to 20*4.5=90

    Headlight display

    (Turn-on the lights power) Press and hold the “+” button 3 seconds to turn on/off ;

    Set up operation(Only need to set P03, P06, P07, P10, P13)

    ◆ Press “+” and “ -” button together 3 seconds to enter the setting interface;
    ※ Press “M” button to enter setting item;press up and down button to select parameter;
    P01:meter backlight;
    P02:Mileage unit,0:KM;1:MILE;
    P03:Voltage level, Base operating voltage;
    P04:Sleep Time, 0: no-sleep, unit: min
    P05:Assist position,0:3,1:5,mode;
    P06: Wheel Diameter, unit: inch;Accuracy:0.1;
    P07: Number of speed magnets , range :1-100; ( Note: here only for set speed display, doen’t affect the actual speed)
    P08:Speed Limit, Range:0-50km/h,50: means Unlimited speed;(When speed big than setting speed, Turn off the PWM output)
    P09:Zero or non-zero start,0:zero start; 1:non-zero start;
    P10:Drive Mode setting: 0 : Power Drive, throttle invalid; ( Assist power)
    1: Electric throttle Drive mode, Assist invalid;
    2: Both assist and throttle are effective;
    P11:Boost sensitivity setting, range:1-24;
    P12:Boost start strength setting, range:1-5;
    P13:PAS Assist Type Setting.( 5/8/12) Single Hall PAS : set to 5 /8 Double Hall PAS : Set to 12
    P14 :P15:Not opened functions;
    P16:ODO clear; long press up button 5 seconds to clear;


    1. Do not set P10 to 1, 1 sets tono power

    2. Set P11 to 1 (1 is the most sensitive, do not set too large)

    3. P08 is set to 100, (this is the speed limit percentage. If it is set to 0, the motor will not work. If it is set to a single digit or too small percentage, the motor may not work)

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