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    Anti Theft Folding Steel Bicycle Lock for E Bike & Scooter

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    Weight: S-917g L-1052g

    Type: Folding lock

    Suitable for: Electric bike, e bike, scooter, motorcycle, mountain bike, road bike

    Size: S-75cm L-90cm

    Product name: anti theft bike lock

    Material: Steel alloy

    Length S: 75cm

    Length L: 90cm

    Features: bike folding lock, scooter lock, motorcycle lock, anti theft lock, bicycle lock

    Color: Black, white, red, blue, green

    Product Details

    Product name: Foldable lock

    Length: S-75cm L-90cm

    Weight: S-917g L-1052g

    Thickness: 5mm

    Material: Hardened Steel Alloy (with heat treatment)

    Lock cylinder: Swiss technology

    Key: copper-nickel alloy

    Security level 4 level (Anti professional thief,long period in the night)

    Package Includes:



    -Cable tie*2 (If you need lengthened straps, note on your order)

    Product Feature

    1.The lock cylinder use advanced Swiss technology. Unique pick-proof technology, no master key can open our lock.

    The thickest part of the key is 0.3-0.6mm , with a special curve, effecively prevent from being copy.(Do remember the code on the key, this is the only way to get a new key from us)

    2. The lock bar is 5mm hardened steel, strong and high toughness, can not being thumped, sawed, sheared and drilled.

    Surrounded with high quality PP.

    Colorful and protects the frame paint.

    3. Rivet gap is only 0.2mm, Stainless steel rivets. No tools can be used to damage the lock through the gap.

    4.With anti-drilling cap, prevent the electric drill from damaging the lock cylinder.

    5.Patented design of side pulling, very convenient to take put and take in.

    Patent side pulling design

    -small frame can also be loaded.

    -National patent for pulling from side.

    Two mounting ways for more kinds of bikes

    -The cable tie attached can be extended by combinate two together.

    Take out in one second. Fold in two seconds

    -We test every lock the smoothly using experience for take in and take out.

    - 6 lock bars for easily and quickly fold.

    Adanced Swiss lock cylinder technology. Anti technical stealing

    -ETOOK key teeth has a special curve with the finest part 0.3mm.

    -The key only can copied by us with the unique key code. so pls remember the KEY CODE. (This is

    very important)

    -Anti drilling cap to protect the lock cylinder from being drilling, this sheet will be rotated simultaneously when drilling.

    -dust cover cap design.

    90mm long for more possibility

    Note: It is more safer to lock frame and tire together, or lock frame with an object together.

    Product show

    1. For different e bike

    2. For mountain bike and road bike

    3. For e scooter and motorbike

    4. For other vehicles

    How to install a bike fold lock?

    Install instruction

    -(Screw hole installation)

    1.Check whether there have mounting holes in your car or not.

    2.Fixing the lock bracket with the screws we give.

    3.Twisting the screws tightly with the wrench we give.

    4.Putting in the lock.

    -(Cable tie installation)

    1.Find out the cable tie, the screw will come out with pulling.

    2.Make the cable tie insert the back hole of lock bracket.

    3.Wrapping the bicycle tube.

    4.Put the plastic screws into the hole.

    5.Twisting screws tightly with tool we give.

    6.Putting in the lock, then fastening.

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