AUTOMETER 1291 5in Tach/Speedo Gauge 120 MPH 8000 RPM

AUTOMETER 1291 5in Tach/Speedo Gauge 120 MPH 8000 RPM

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Description : Gauge - Designer Black II Series - Electric - Analog - 5 in Diameter - Speedometer / Tachometer - Black Face - Each

Notes : Designer Black II Series - Electric Programable


ManufacturerPart : 1291

Category Level 1 : Gauges and Accessories

Category Level 2 : Gauge Kits

Category Level 3 : Analog Gauge Kits

Length : 6.4 inches

Width : 6.3 inches

Height : 5.8 inches

Weight : 1.1 lbs

AirRestricted : NO

TruckFrtOnly : NO

Save Space On Your Dash And Provide A Clean Look With Autometers Electronic Tach/Speedo Combo. Taking The Highly Precise Circuits From The Individual Speedometer And Tach And Combining Them Into One Unit Gives You The Accuracy And The Response Time You Need And The Convenience Of A One Piece Solution. Compatible With Nearly Any Factory Speed Sender And 1-12 Cylinder Applications, This Unit Is Simple To Calibrate And Designed With The Type Of Durability You Expect In An Autometer Gauge. Autometers Gps Speed Sender Is Also Compatible For An Easy, Plug And Play Solution.

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