AUTOMETER 2615 2-1/16in Z-Series Trans. Temp. Gauge

AUTOMETER 2615 2-1/16in Z-Series Trans. Temp. Gauge

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Description : Transmission Temperature Gauge - Z-Series - 140-280 Degree F - Mechanical - Analog - 2-1/16 in Diameter - Black Face - Each


ManufacturerPart : 2615

Category Level 1 : Gauges and Accessories

Category Level 2 : Individual Gauges

Category Level 3 : Analog Gauges

Length : 5.75 inches

Width : 5.4 inches

Height : 5.7 inches

Weight : 0.915 lbs

UPC : 46074026157

AirRestricted : NO

TruckFrtOnly : NO

Transmission Fluid Temperature Is The Single Biggest Contributing Factor To The Lifespan Of Your Automatic Transmission. Having An Accurate, Realtime Measurement Allows You To Know When To Downshift Or When To Take Your Foot Out Of It. Whether You'' Re Towing Or Simply Trying To Harness The Power Of A Built Or Boosted Motor, Autometers Mechanical Trans Temp Gauge Will Give You The Most Accurate Possible Measurement For The Exact Temp Of Your Trans Fluid. An 8'' Capillary Tube With A 1/2'' Npt Mounting Nut Is Included To Be Installed In Your Transmission Pan. An Optional Trans Cooler Line Manifold Is Available For Another Easy Installation Option.

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