FLOWMASTER 17425 00-06 Toyota Tundra American Thunder System

FLOWMASTER 17425 00-06 Toyota Tundra American Thunder System

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Categories: Exhaust, FLOWMASTER
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Description : Exhaust System - American Thunder - Cat-Back - 3 in Diameter - Dual Side Exit - 3 in Polished Tips - Steel - Aluminized - Toyota V8 - Toyota Tundra 2000-06 - Kit


ManufacturerPart : 17425

Category Level 1 : Exhaust

Category Level 2 : Exhaust Pipes, Systems and Components

Category Level 3 : Exhaust Systems

Length : 65 inches

Width : 16 inches

Height : 12 inches

Weight : 70.35 lbs

UPC : 700042020591

AirRestricted : NO

TruckFrtOnly : NO

For the person who wants the look of a traditional dual exhaust system with all the benefits that a Flowmaster Cat-back exhaust system provides. D.O.R./D.O.S. systems are the perfect choice, and include exit pipes for both dual out rear and dual out side configurations so that you can choose the one that fits your style. American Thunder systems deliver a moderate to aggressive interior and exterior tone and are suited to the enthusiast who wants their performance to be heard. Like all Flowmaster systems, the benefits include improved throttle response, power and mileage. Designed for an easy fit, these systems include all necessary parts and hardware for easy installation.

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