FLOWMASTER 72587 FlowFXMuffler 3.5in Cntr In / 2.5in Dual Out

FLOWMASTER 72587 FlowFXMuffler 3.5in Cntr In / 2.5in Dual Out

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Categories: Exhaust, FLOWMASTER
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Description : Muffler - Flow FX - 3-1/2 in Center Inlet - 2-1/2 in Dual Outlet - 18 x 8 x 5 in Oval Body - 24 in Long - Stainless - Natural - Universal - Each


ManufacturerPart : 72587

Category Level 1 : Exhaust

Category Level 2 : Mufflers and Resonators

Category Level 3 : Mufflers and Components

Length : 24.625 inches

Width : 8.625 inches

Height : 5.75 inches

Weight : 14.1 lbs

UPC : 90127100547

AirRestricted : NO

TruckFrtOnly : NO

Flowmaster's FlowFX series mufflers deliver a moderate performance tone for the enthusiast looking for an exhaust note that is different from the ''chambered'' muffler sound. With a 3.50-inch inlet size, this muffler is a great choice for large displacement gas engines. The interior features a large 3.50-inch ''straight-through'' stainless steel perforated core, surrounded with high-temperature sound absorption materials delivering a deep traditional mellow tone. The internal flow design is reversible, so the muffler can be installed in either direction to best suit the vehicle application and offsets needed. Features include fully MIG-welded ''bright'' 409 stainless steel construction with the FlowFX logo embossed on both sides of the case. The FlowFX line of mufflers is perfect for the person looking for a show quality performance muffler at an economical price point and in a compact sized case.

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