JE PISTONS 4125-183 Oil Rail Support

JE PISTONS 4125-183 Oil Rail Support

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CODE: JEP4125-183
  • Description

Description : Piston Rings - Oil Rail Support - 4.125 in Bore - Each


ManufacturerPart : 4125-183

Category Level 1 : Engines and Components

Category Level 2 : Pistons and Piston Rings

Category Level 3 : Oil Support Rails

Length : 4.45 inches

Width : 4.25 inches

Height : 0.45 inches

Weight : 0.03 lbs

AirRestricted : NO

TruckFrtOnly : NO

JE Oil Rail Supports feature a special locking detent to prevent rotation of the oil rail and keep the rail support gap 90? from the pin bore opening on the piston. This JE exclusive feature prevents the rail from rotating in the oil ring groove. Oil Rail Supports prevent the oil ring rails from spiraling off of pistons with short compression distances.

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